Target Classes
Coffee Bars or Shops
Concession Stands/Snack Bars
Delicatessens and Sandwich Shops
Donut Shops
Hamburger/Malt Shops
Hotdog Shops
Ice Cream and Yogurt Stores
Oriental Style
Other Ethnic Style
Pizza Shops
Roast Beef
Salad Bars
Program Features
•    New ventures are considered when the business owner(s) have a minimum of three years of restaurant ownership or food service management
•    All Fast Food Restaurants and Limited Cooking establishments must have Automatic Fire Alarm - central station connected AND Automatic Cooking Exhaust & Extinguishing System
•    Fast Food and Limited Cooking establishments (subject to the classes specifically listed)
•    Operations with up to 75 employees
•    Total Insured Values up to $5 million per location
•    Annual revenue up to $5 million per location/ $15 million per policy
•    Revenue from off-site catering must not exceed 10% of total annual gross sales
•    Maximum 7,500 square feet
•    24-Hour Operations are ineligible
•    No liquor, beer or wine sales
•    No live entertainment, no dance floor, no playground
•    No open broiling or solid fuel cooking (i.e. wood, charcoal or mesquite)
•    Buildings with Exterior Insulating Finishing Systems (EIFS) are not eligible
Optional Endorsements Available
BP 04 04 01 10 Hired auto and non-owned auto liability (Delivery is excluded)
BP 15 07 03 15 Information Security Protection
BP 07 78 07 13 Restaurants
BP 07 79 07 13 Restaurants - loss or damage to customers’ autos (legal liability)
BP 04 15 07 13 Spoilage coverage
BP 04 31 07 13 Food contamination
BP 14 05 07 13 Additional insured - grantor of franchise
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