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Because we are asked so often, we decided to study dozens of successful, historical email campaigns and find the common denominators of a successful HTML email design.

Note: This assumes that the recipient list is good, the server reputation is great and the subject line/preheader gets readers to open the email (covered in a different topic). Of course, designs can vary but the common structure outlined below appears to be the most productive.

Email Marketing CompleteMarkets - Where Insurance Goes To Network.
  It's all about great email content & layout.
  Availability: National, US Only
  Email: sales@CompleteMarkets.com
  Phone: 800-753-4467 x5910
We market insurance products to independent insurance agents
•   Access to 300k+ independent P&C agents, by state, region and license
Destination website where MGAs, PAs and Wholesalers can showcase search optimized products and services,
Secure market finder that generates quality submissions.
Email marketing - you provide us with minimal guidelines and we do the heavy lifting.
The most cost effective marketing available.
Who are your clients/partners? Across the board - ranging from some of the largest in the US, to single, niche product players, and regional wholesale brokers.
Cost? Varies depending on services rendered. Packages start as low as 2997.00
•   People scan they do not have the time to read. So, keep it informative but brief.
CTAs above the fold (not just at the end) . Multiple CTAs – email, form fill, phone.
Light personalization - for example - Hi [Joe], I can help you with that tough account.
Keep it simple, email campaigns are not graphic design competitions –
Employ the brand logo & corporate colors for continuity.
Use a banner or flagship image to provide a product visual identifier.
Make it responsive – readable on any platform (mobile, web)
Highlight scannable areas, italics and bold where it makes sense.
Adhere to CAN/SPAM guidelines.
Don't be shy, get in touch - inquire, email or call us at your convenience.
Please do not reply directly to this email.
CompleteMarkets.com. PO Box 542, Big Bear City, CA 92314
tel: 800.753.4467 x5910.
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