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At Commercial Sector Insurance Brokers WE’RE DIFFERENT...AND THAT’S GOOD FOR YOU.
An Commercial Sector Insurance Brokers E&O policy, designed for Professional Services Firms, protects against consequences resulting from acts or omission. Coverage includes defense costs, charges and expenses, and settlements from litigation. Our underwriting expertise and innovative solutions allow us to consider all classes of business not listed below.

See how DIFFERENT WORKS for you at Commercial Sector Insurance Brokers.
•    Abatement service
•    Accountant
•    Actuary
•    Architect
•    Business broker
•    Construction manager
•    Contractor
•    Distributor
•    Energy broker
•    Engineer
•    Financial planner
•    Home Inspector
•    Insurance agent or broker
•    Investment advisor, counselor or manager
•    Lab testing service
•    Lawyer
•    Manufacturer
•    Manufacturer’s representative
•    Medical biller/coder
•    Medical device/product development and/or prototyping
•    Medical/allied health professional
•    Mortgage loan broker or banker
•    Payment processor
•    Real estate developer
•    Securities broker-dealer
•    Security guard
•    Structured settlement broker
* Some of the above classes that are ineligible for E&O may be eligible for the suite of P&C products.
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